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Who We Are

MISSION STATEMENT:  Building Strong Families and Strong Lives in Christ.

We are a non-denominational group of believers associated with the group called Plymouth Brethren.  Thousands of congregations similar to ours function throughout the world.  When you visit you will be warmly welcomed into a close family-like atmosphere, where we love to pray for you and your family, minister to your children, or just get to know you as a person and where you are in your spiritual life.

Although we operate without an official pastor, a board of elders provides spiritual leadership to the local congregation.  Many others in the fellowship provide pastoral care and teaching under the guidance of our elders.  We love the Lord Jesus Christ and we teach the Bible, seeking to function as a church in much the same way as the early church did. Much of the preaching is expository-teaching directly from the Bible with modern-life application. Our music ministry is a balanced mixture of the traditional with the contemporary.

Bethany Elders


 Pictured L-R: Brook Klunder, David LaMarche, Bob Smith, Jr., Dave Wilson, Alex Lorsung, Caleb Weikert, Dave Weidenbacher